OPIUM DEN // PERFUME PACKAGING    This fragrance line offers an invitation to enter an opulent fantasy world filled with transformative, unveiling and taboo undertones of traditional opium dens.   Silk wrapped card stock with natural fiber velvet base exterior 
  OPIUM DEN // ROLLERBALL    Translated digitally using 3D rendering and printing technology, the prototype is finished in a metallic paint, highlighting the intricate texture. Functionally, the bottle unscrews at the base revealing a sealed rollerball. 
  MONTAUK VINEYARDS // ALCOHOL BRANDING    A collection of wine inspired by summer memories spent in Montauk. Qualities of nautical and sailing are present, with a distinctive East Coast style. 
  ANCIENT HARVEST // GOURMET FOOD PACKAGING   A packaging solution for predetermined serving sizes for measuring pasta. Additionally, it serves the purpose of a variety pack for marketing. 
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