LIVE WOOD // FURNITURE   A minimal furniture piece that features one of a kind curly maple, live edges, and a one of a kind laminated top for a unique finish.   Flat Packed for shipping & No hardware necassary for assembly. 
  TABLESIDE // FURNITURE   Minimalist side table, featuring a designated space for your espresso, and your books.   Flat Packed for shipping & No hardware neccassary for assembling. 
  NEGATIVES // FURNITURE   Plasma cut steel table bent from a continuous slab of metal. A series of words were removed, allowing the user to "see through steel". 
  TWISTS // FURNITURE   Specific words were chosen to tell a story, and twisted together in cold rolled steel inside an angular steel cage. 
  IKEBANA // HOME   Ceramic Japanese Ikebana
  STATEMENT // HOME   Laminated luxury hard wood, finished with copper plating and tubing to form an alphabetical statement. 
  MODULAR // BUILD HOME   Build a wall in your space with cold connections of wood "brick and mortar.   Curly Maple, Walnut & Steel. 
Brick Mortar.jpg
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